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InfiniteFlow Beginning Hatha Yoga, the Basics

An introductory class for first timers and participants who prefer a gentler, more mindful approach to their practice. Students will be introduced to “The Five Points of Living Well,” suggestions for proper breathing, exercise, nutrition, relaxation, and positive thinking and are encouraged to weave the concept of self- acceptance and loving kindness into the fabric of their lives. Learning to undo the body and mind and enjoy the idea of “less is more” . . . . so-o-o-o good for the spirit!


InfiniteFlow Mixed Level Beginning Hatha

This class is for individuals who still feel like beginners but are ready for more than just the basics. Variation and refinement of asanas and introduction to sun salutations and flow sequences. More emphasis on merging breath and body and pranayama and learn the basics of the Chakra system (energy body).  


InfiniteFlow Continuing Hatha

This class will continue to explore a broader variety of pranayama, sun salutations, asana, vinyasa (flow sequences) and meditation styles. More attention will now be placed on how the asanas affect the energy centers (chakras). Participants are invited to integrate the principles of yoga into their life off the yoga mat (yamas and niyamas, the Eight Limbed Path). Not intended for first timers.


InfiniteFlow Morning Hatha Yoga

An intermediate asana/vinyasa class. Participants should be able to get up and down off the floor with ease.


InfiniteFlow Extra Gentle Morning Yoga

A modified hatha yoga class for individuals with limited flexibility. Movement meditations will be included as warm ups. Seniors are welcome.


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