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Hatha yoga classes at InfiniteFlow Yoga


InfiniteFlow hatha yoga emerges from a synthesis of hatha yoga, tai chi, body work, breath work, the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation, and energy awarenes techniques. This style is ideal for those who are looking for a gentle and mindful approach to yoga. For adults of all ages and sizes.

If you are new to yoga, consult with your physician if:

• you are over 35

• you have any medical concerns

• you are pregnant

• you are on any medications that may affect your participation


Hatha Yoga is not intended to replace any professional medical or psychiatric evaluation or treatment that you may need. All classes include:

•breathing exercises (pranayama)

•limbering up and warm ups

•easy to follow flow

•progressive relaxation and/or guided imagery

InfiniteFlow One on One Yoga

Private sessions for individuals who would like to try yoga but are apprehensive about taking a group class. Learn to adapt and modify positions and develop sequences that are true to your own degree of strength and flexibility.


Hypnosis at InfiniteFlow Yoga

Motivation for positive life changes that may enhance wellness and facilitate the balance of mind, body and spirit. Specializing in hypnosis for relaxation/stress relief, conscious eating, and becoming a non-smoker.


Hypnosis appointments Monday - Friday.


InfiniteFlow Yoga

3225 East Washington Avenue, Suite G

Madison, WI 53704

phone: (608) 692-9172, or (608) 244-1305


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