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I have been practicing yoga for many years. I find it centers me, calms me and keeps me flexible and stronger as I age. Since moving to Madison I have been attending classes led by Kiro, and he is one of my favorite instructors. He balances the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, and is always affirming each person's individuality. I leave the class feeling invigorated and more ready to take on life's challenges in a mindful way.


My sister and I have been doing yoga with Kiro for over six years. His class was our first experience with yoga and we never considered going to anyone else. We keep taking the same level class, over and over, because he varies it so expertly that it never gets dull. The time flies by and I always feel so good afterwards.
Kiro is so knowledgeable about what effects each asana has on the body and he’s extremely sensitive to each person’s physical concerns and teaches us to modify each movement to accommodate them. He’s also non-judgmental and creates a very safe environment.
• I think he’s a wonderful instructor and have and will recommended the class to anyone interested in yoga.
—Gail G-P.


My first yoga class was at least 6-7 years ago with Kiro when he was still teaching through Dean Health Works. My sister and I have followed him to a couple different locations over the years and always will. As I’ve grown older my strength and flexible have started to diminish so I was looking for a form of exercise that could help me improve both areas. Kiro’s hatha yoga classes have improved my strength and my flexibility is much better but an area I still need to work on.
• What I like about Kiro’s yoga class is that he changes them all the time. He’ll work on the different chakras from the base of your spine up to you head and each position we move into Kiro will let us know how it affects our whole body. Our class is an hour and a half long during which time I forget about my stress, work, making dinner and just relax. I come home calm, feeling relaxed and I know I’ll have my best night sleep of the week. 
• Kiro has been teaching yoga over 25 years and has a gift of making you feel like he’s teaching you one on one rather than being in a class. He is aware of his students health issues and makes a point to shows modified positions so not to cause any further damage. Practicing yoga safely is one of his top priorities during class.
• I credit Kiro’s yoga classes with improving my physical health over the years but they have also had an impact on my mental health. Kiro has taught us the importance of breathing correctly and we’ve learn several short little breathing exercises that you can do during the day for stress, or if you need an energy boost. I never dreamt that breathing exercises could have such an impact but they do.
—Debby R-S.





I decided to try Hatha Yoga after I turned 50. I loved it right away and hardly missed a class in the 11 years since. This is due in no small part because of Kiro. He is a wonderful teacher:

• He faithfully incorporates the 3 main yoga structures into each session for mind, body and spirit to achieve harmony (breath, asanas/poses and mindfulness).

• He personifies what harmony is. He is warm and welcoming towards his students—and he is so calming! In fact, he gives our instruction in the most loving and soothing of voices.

• He is well prepared for his classes. The routines flow with direction and purpose, and from week to week, each one seems fresh.

• He emphasizes treating the body with care and respect. Kiro challenges us, but each student is encouraged to stay within their own bodies. He always provides modifications to the poses. As I age and acquire more physical limitations, I find this guidance particularly valuable.

• Kiro is continually learning himself, from a variety of sources, including seminars, retreats and books. He brings new information or ideas back to our classroom, which contributes to my sense of growth in my yoga practice, even after 11 years.

—Kathy G.


My husband and I have been taking yoga classes with Kiro for the past 6 years. He has seen us through knee and cancer surgeries, a hip replacement, and other maladies. Kiro’s classes are innovative and intuitive. We always have fun and we would recommend him to anyone who wants to benefit from yoga.

Kiro’s yoga class is a retreat from my busy week. I enter the door and peace streams into me. Under Kiro’s guidance, asanas flow from one into the next with refinement, logic, and grace of a choreographer. I always feel safe and guided by Kiro’s gentle reminders to be in our own body, breathing, and in proper form so that we gain the most from each asana without strain or injury, and to be aware of what our body is ready for at this moment. 
• Guided meditation near the end of class, when Kiro brings our awareness to the chakras, our breathing, and the connection with the air and earth around us is a special treat. Meditation training with Kiro during the last few minutes of his weekly class has sustained me through stressful times over many years, and has also inspired my artwork. One meditation in particular, a walk through a forest, brought me such a clear  image that it inspired my first large forest painting. I can call up these meditations when I need to, sometimes my mind and body have even learned instinctively to breath, relax and meditate when I most need it!
—Katherine R., Artist & Art Instructor




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